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Dr. Edward W. Murray

Calvary Cemetery
Section 24, Lot 59, Space SE
(December 8th, 1879 - July 26th, 1956)

 Dr. Edward W. Murray picture

Dr. Murray was born in Sumter County, South Carolina. He was the son of George W. Murray, who was born a slave and later became a Congressman. He attended Biddle University and then Meharry Medical College and the Manhattan School of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery. He practiced medicine for 51 years, 26 of them in Norfolk. His office was located at 1017 Church Street, where he was known as “the tonsil miracle man of Church St.”

Dr. Murray was renowned for his charitable endeavors to brighten the lives of poor Norfolk youth.  He hosted annual Christmas dinners for hundreds of destitute children and their families as well as famous Easter Egg Hunts, entirely at his own expense. He also owned the Royal Tropical Gardens, located on Church Street. At Christmas 1949, he distributed over 1,000 tropical pet fish produced there to impoverished Norfolk children. Dr. Murray was married to Thelma Murray (1902-1983). She is interred with him at Calvary. They had three daughters and one son: June, Thelma and Louisa, and Edward Jr.

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