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Rev. Joseph Lawrence Hoggard

Calvary Cemetery
Section 12A (not in PF)
(October 25th, 1872- September 12th, 1955)

 Rev. Joseph Lawrence Hoggard picture

Rev. Hoggard was born in Bertie County, North Carolina in 1872. He became the first African-American foreman of the Southern Bell Telephone Company. After leaving the company, he owned several barber shops in the Norfolk area. He became a member of the New Central Baptist Church of Berkeley. In this congregation, he was ordained and licensed as a minister.

As a minister, his first congregation was the South Hill Baptist Church, in South Norfolk. After several years with this church, he financed and constructed the Church of God in South Norfolk. He was married to Malinda D. Hoggard (1886-1959). They are interred together at Calvary along with their only son, David L. Hoggard (1911-1995).

Rev. Hoggard Eulogized At New Central Baptist
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Rev. Hoggard Dies; Funeral Service Held
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