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Cyrus Wiley Grandy

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Cyrus Wiley Grandy was born in Camden County, North Carolina in 1808, the son of Miles Grandy.  Cyrus’s great-great-great grandfather, Charles Grandy obtained a land patent in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia in 1671.  Cyrus married Ann Lamb Dozier, the daughter of Joseph Dozier and Lydia Lamb

Cyrus moved from Camden County, North Carolina to Norfolk in 1844.  He was a successful cotton and corn merchant.  Cyrus and Ann had nine known children, five boys and three girls.  Ann Lamb Dozier was descended from Samuel Selden, an English lawyer, who came to Virginia in the year 1699, and settled in Elizabeth City County. Her father, Dr. William Selden, was a Norfolk physician, who was very prominently known. They lost one son in the Civil War and another just after the war.  [Cyrus himself served as a quartermaster, with the rank of major, in the Confederate Army. **] The Grandys have, for six generations (Cyrus Grandy, VI presently attends the University of Virginia), been part of the societal infrastructure of the City of Norfolk.  They have been bankers, doctors, lawyers, educators, merchants and civic leaders.  Four Cyrus Wiley Grandys are buried in Elmwood Cemetery.* 

Generations of Grandys are buried in Elmwood Cemetery with burials ranging from 1868 to 1985.

*The Recording Angel:  News from the Friends of Norfolk’s Historic Cemeteries, Volume 7, Issue 1, May 2008 by Tim Bonney.

Biographical information provided by Norfolk Bureau of Cemeteries.

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