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Arthur “Bootsie” Goldstein

Forest Lawn Cemetery
Location: Jewish A 115
(Jun14, 1914 - Jun 14, 1989)

Arthur “Bootsie” Goldstein, a well-known area businessman, was one of the many colorful characters of Norfolk’s past.  In addition, his murder on his 75th birthday remains a mystery yet to be solved.

            Goldstein was the operator of Holloman’s Emporium, a Granby Street bookstore known for its sale of pornography.  He also was known for his ongoing campaign against laws prohibiting the sale of pornographic material. Over the years, he was arrested, tried and convicted for violating city ordinances against the sale of pornography.  Each time he paid the fines, but never made changes to his store’s merchandise.  When the City Council passed a stringent anti-pornographic ordinance in 1977, Goldstein challenged the law.  The case went as far as the U.S. Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case.  However, through it all, Goldstein’s business remained open.

            It was in his store on his 75th birthday that Goldstein died, shot in an apparent robbery.  The murder took place late at night.  One of the last businesses to close in the area, the store was apparently still open when the robbery took place.  The killer took several hundred dollars from the cash register and from under the counter, but missed boxes which contained over $100,000 in cash Goldstein had on the premises.  Acquaintances stated that it was common for him to have large amounts of cash in the store.  The murder was never solved.



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Biographical information provided by Norfolk Bureau of Cemeteries. Profile written by Michael Frost, Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation volunteer.

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