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Charles Ashburner was born in Bombay, India in 1870.  Ashburner was the son of a British military officer and was educated in England, France, and Germany.  He studied engineering at the University of Heidelberg.  He lived and worked in Richmond as an engineer for several years.  Ashburner was appointed as Norfolk’s first city manager in 1918.  He previously worked in Staunton, Va. in the same role and helped to create the now widely used city-manager form of government.  This form of government had its origins in his “Staunton Plan” which consisted of concentrating administrative authority into the hands of a single position that would be free to implement the objectives and policies of the city council.  This plan is credited with having saved Staunton from bankruptcy and for helping to bring local government administration into the modern age.   After his time in Norfolk, he worked as the City Manager in Springfield, OH. and Stockton, CA.  Ashburner returned to Norfolk some time later and spent his last few years working in insurance and investment banking.



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