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Peter K. Babalas

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Peter Babalas was born in Boston on July 8, 1922.  He was the son of Greek immigrants.  He studied economics at Harvard and earned a law degree from the University of Virginia in 1950.  He was an MP during the Second World War and in Korea.  In 1951, he opened the law firm Peter K. Babalas & Assoc., P.C. and later ran for the state senate.  He served in the General Assembly from 1967 until his death in 1987 from bone cancer.  Babalas was the first member of the Virginia General Assembly to be censured.  This charge was based on issues relating to the financial dealings of his law practice.  During his time in office, he helped to bring about the unification of the Hampton Roads ports.  At the time of his death, he was the third most senior member of the Virginia State Senate.



Donald P. Baker, “Va. State Senator. Peter Babalas, Democrat from Norfolk, Dies,” Washington Post,   December 30, 1987.  Also see Editorial, Richmond Times Dispatch, January 2, 1988.  Also the Papers of Peter K. Babalas, available at Old Dominion University.  Photo from Washington Post, December 30, 1987.

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