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Cape Henry Lighthouse

 Old Cape Henry Lighthouse - Photo by Steven Forrest

Fort Story

The Cape Henry Lighthouse built to guide ships into the Chesapeake Bay, was completed in 1792. Authorized by George Washington and overseen by Alexander Hamilton, the construction of the Cape Henry Lighthouse was one of the first acts of the newly formed Federal government. The octagonal sandstone lighthouse was in active use for nearly a century before being replaced by a new cast iron lighthouse still standing nearby. It is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses in the United States.

The lighthouse was attacked during the War of 1812.

View fron Old Cape Henry Lighthouse, ohoto by Steven Forrest

Basic Information

Hours: March 16th - October 31st 10am - 5pm
November 1st - March 15th 10am - 4pm

Admission Cost: $

Address: 583 Atlantic Ave., Fort Story, VA 23459

Phone: 757-422-9421

Web site for more information: preservationvirginia.org

Helpful Information

The Lighthouse is on a military base. You must have an ID (everyone in the car over 16), proof of auto insurance, and your car is subject to search on a random basis. Free parking is available at the Entrance.