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Historic Forrest YouTube Logo featuring an 1819 drawing of Fort Norfolk, a picture of William Thomas Forrest Jr., and a picture of the Godspeed and Discovery sailing in 2007

Historical Forrest YouTube Video

Season 1 - 2018

Battle of Great Bridge

Season 2 - 2021

Fort Norfolk Tour

What is History? Can you be a Historian?

Norfolk Botanical Garden (There is History here.)

The Dangerous History of Duck NC.

H. L. Hunley, The First Successful Submarine, or Death Trap.

Review of Isle of Palms Resort and Beach Club

Charles Pinckney National Historic Site

Beyond The Star Spangled Banner

Fort Christanna (1714 Virginia Fort)

Visiting Fort Sumter (with Civil War Pictures of the Destruction)

Review of Rudd’s Creek Rec. Area Campground

Review of Car Camping with the Luno Air Mattress and Luno Car Window Screens

Charles Towne Landing, South Carolina’s First Settlement

Crabtree Falls Trail, Nelson County, Virginia

Review of Devils Backbone Campground, Roseland, Virginia

Biking Yorktown Battlefield

Review of the Summit Timeshare at Massanutten

Visiting the Nathaniel Russell House, Charleston, South Carolina

Half Moone Fort - Norfolk’s First Fort - 1673

Visiting the Charleston Museum

Visiting the Aiken - Rhett House, Charleston South Carolina