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Capture of British Landing Party, July 1813

On Wednesday last a boat with 2 Lieutenants; 25 seaman, and 8 marines, landed from the Plantagenet 74 gun ship, near Cape Henry, for the purpose of procuring water.  Captain Richard Lawson, with about 50 militia of Princess Anne County under him, had concealed themselves behind the sand hills, until the boat’s crew landed.  Capt. Lawson then ordered his men to fire, which threw the enemy into confusion;  they attempted to regain their boat, but in vain.  The result is that one marine was killed, two drowned, one lieutenant wounded, and the others taken, without any loss whatever on our part.

Source: Norfolk newspaper July 17, 1813

Helpful Information

The exact location of this event is not known, but this landing party may have landed near or at the current site of First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. The British Navy blockaded the Chesapeake bay from February 1813 to the end of the War of 1812. During the blockade the British anchored their ships in what is now called Lynhaven Roads, but during the war of 1812 this natural ship anchorage was called Lynhaven Bay.

Source: Norfolk VA Newspaper