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Virginia Militia re-enactors photo by John Forrest

Battle of Craney Island
200th Anniversary Commemoration

On June 22, 1813 737 men on Craney Island including 50 riflemen, 446 infantry of the line, 91 state artillery, and 150 seamen and marines and a few Naval Gunboats in the Elizabeth River defeated a British force of almost 2,500 that attacked by land, and about 45 or 50 boats full of men attacked from the James River. The majority of the infantry of the line and the state artillery were units of the Virginia Militia, or what is now called the Virginia National Guard. This American victory had a major impact on the War of 1812 and saved Norfolk, Virginia and Portsmouth, Virginia. Join us in celebrating the 200th anniversary of this historic event.


June 20, 2013 to June 23, 2013

The celebration of the Victory

Events will be held in Norfolk Virginia and Portsmouth Virginia all weekend. Events will take place at Fort Norfolk, Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve, and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum.

Get Involved

The Norfolk Historical Society is seeking groups who would like become a partner to help commemorate the victory at the Battle of Craney Island.









Map of the Battle of Craney Island

Map of the Battle

This map of the Battle of Craney Island first appeared in Lossings Field Book of the War of 1812 published in 1869.

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