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Robert Taylor drawing from Field Book of the War of 1812

General Taylor letter 4th July 1813

COPY of a letter from Gen. Taylor to the Secretary of War.
Headquarters, Norfolk; 4th July,

Sir- I have the honor to transmit Col Beatty's report of the, attack on Craney-Island, on the 22nd of June last. His multiplied and pressing avocations have prevented his completing it till today.

The whole force on the island at the time of the attack, consisted of 50 riflemen, 446 infantry of the line, 91 state artillery, and 150 seamen and marines furnished by Capt. Tarbell.  Of these, 43 were on, the sick list.

 The courage and constancy with which this inferior force, in the face of a formidable naval armament, not only sustained a position in which nothing was complete, but repelled the enemy With considerable loss, cannot fail to inspire the approbation of their government and the applause of their country. It has infused into the residue of the army a general spirit of competition, the beneficial effects of which will, I trust, be displayed in our future combats.

I cannot withhold my grateful acknowledgments to Com. Cassin, Capt. Tarbell, and the officers and crew of the Constellation and gunboats, who have in every instance aided our operations with a cordiality, zeal and ability, not to be surpassed. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
ROBERT TAYLOR, Brig. Gen. Commanding.
 Hon. John Armstrong, Secretary of War.