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Summer 2005 Courier

Historical Society's New Mission Statement

The Norfolk Historical Society shall serve as a catalyst for the collection, interpretation, preservation, and dissemination of Norfolk area history and as an advocate for broader understanding, education, and presentation of our history to both citizens and visitors.

The Norfolk Historical Society envisions a Norfolk area community that recognizes and appreciates our rich history in all its dimensions.

These two sentences may not seem like much at first glance, but they are the distillation of eight hours of work by board members of the Norfolk Historical Society. Incoming President Louis Guy felt that in order for the Board of Directors to act in a coordinated way there must first be an accepted definition of who was going to do what and to whom.

Louis tapped Bill Miner to facilitate the process of developing new vision and mission statements for NHS. Two four-hour sessions followed, both marked by spirited discussions of the role of “history” in the Norfolk community. The resultant language may appear somewhat desiccated to the casual reader but in fact it is replete with layered meanings for those who crafted it. The Board’s next step is to craft the plan of action which will turn these statements into concrete actions.



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