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Welcome to Historic Forrest. We have developed a web site with the goal of helping people enjoy history. We have collected information that will help you find historic sites, events that relate to history, and many other things to bring history to life.

City Hall 1907 Norfolk VA

Historic Sites

Visit historic sites in Tidewater Virginia. Learn about history by going there and seeing where it happened.

Enterence to Fort Norfolk

Historic Fort Norfolk

Learn about Fort Norfolk. This fort was used during the War of 1812 and the Civil War.


Picture of Robert Taylor

Historic Documents

The 1863 Civil War diary of Adolphus P Pool, Newspaper reports from the War of 1812 and the Civil War give a better idea of events in history.

Historic People

Local historic people that you may not have read about in a history book, but they helped to change our history.


Historic Forrest Videos

The Historic YouTube Channel contains videos about history, historic sites, historic events, and genealogy.

Revolutionary War Militia

Reenactment Units

Find reenactment units from different time periods.