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Trinity Church - Photo by Steven Forrest

Trinity Episcopal Church Commemoration Service

On June 23, 2013 Trinity Episcopal Church will have a special church service to give thanks for the victory at Craney Island on the day after the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Craney Island. Details to Come.


Emerson Memorial Church Window

Captain Emmerson, a resident of Portsmouth, Commanded the Portsmouth Light Artillery unit at the Battle of Craney Island. In 1880 Trinity church added the Emmerson memorial window. This window is a permanent work of art remembering the War of 1812.



James Barron

James Barron grave site

James Barron is buried in the church yard of Trinity Episcopal Church. Commodore Barron was in command of the USS Chesapeake when it was attacked by the HMS Leopard in 1807. This attack was a cause of the War of 1812.