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 Navy Magazine Fort Norfolk, Norfolk VA - Photo by Steven Forrest

Fort Norfolk Navy Magazine

The U.S. Navy started construction of this powder magazine in 1851 on the fort's old parade ground, and completed it in 1856. This massive structure with brick walls 4 feet 3 inches thick is about 55 feet wide and 136 feet long. The original copper-clad front door (now painted), has a copper hasp and hinges. The use of copper was to prevent sparks. The rear entrance was added during World War II. The interior is broken up into open bays, each of which has a brick groin vault ceiling supported by granite pillars. The ceiling, vaulted to dissipate the possible effects of an explosion, now yields curious acoustical results.

Visitor Information

Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM For Self Guided Tour. The self guided tour is only the outside of the buildings inside the fort. Free parking is available behind the guard house at the Entrance. Must show picture ID to gate guard at entrance building. Open Weekends for special events only.

Admission Cost: Free

Address: 810 Front Street, Norfolk, VA 23510

Official Web site for more information: http://www.nao.usace.army.mil