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Virginia Militia Line Infantry

Stationed at Fort Norfolk 1812 to 1815

 Virginia Militia Line Infantry - Photo by Robert Friar

The Virginia Militia line infantry were issued smooth bore flint lock muskets. The uniform for the line infantry was a blue hunting frock with red trim, and blue pants with red trim. The hat was a round hat with a cockade and a red and black plum. The men were required to provide their own uniform.

The Virginia Militia was the beginning of the Virginia National Guard. They were farmers, shop workers, and the average men of Virginia. Every male citizen of Virginia between the ages of 18 and 45 years old was required by law to be a member of the militia They would be assigned to a militia company within their county and would drill with this unit about once a month to learn how to be a militia soldier. The companies would be called up by the company captain's name and county. Everyone in that company would report for active duty. Each company would have about 100 men in the company.

Peach Orchard Camp

During the War of 1812, the Virginia Militia and North Carolina Militia were stationed in the peach orchard next to Fort Norfolk. Originally housed in tents, the men latter built huts where several soldiers would sleep in each hut. In the event of an attack on the fort, these soldiers would move into Fort Norfolk to defend the fort.