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"...rising again as to new life and vigor"

Acquired from the Pennsylvania State Navy, this 16' Hankins Skiff is HM Sloop OTTER's first boat. Built by Charles Hankins in 1972, this boat saw service on the Jersey shore for almost thirty years before being acquired by the PSN in October 2004. The Renascent has been restored to include period correct armament and is now in service as one of the OTTER's ship's boats.

 HM Sloop Otter's boat before restoration

RENASCENT prior to restoration

 HM Sloop Otter's boat after restoration

RENASCENT'S first event, on the Potomac River, at Mt. Vernon (Virginia)

The "RENASCENT" is primarily armed with a 1"-bore swivel. We also have the capability, as seen below, to fire the swivel on land utilizing a post system.

 HM Sloop Otter's swival gun

Seen Below: An original Hankin's Sea Bright Dory surf boat advertisement to the left, and to the right the original log entry in the boat builder's shop book for our boat, # 7214. Note the intended use for the boat; the "Boro of Deal", New Jersey.

 hankins skiff ad  1972 hankins log entry

Historical Impressions

HM Sloop Otter sailor - Royal Navy Sailor during the American Revolutionary War.

Isle of Wight County Militia - a militiaman from southeastern Virginia during the American Revolution

Fort Norfolk Garrison, 1812 - 1815 - A soldier in the 20th U.S. Regiment, or a militiaman in the 2nd Virginia Regiment of Militia.

Members can be involved in all of these impressions or just one of them.

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