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Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881
By George Holbert Tucker


I particularly wish to thank the following for their help in making this book a reality:

The Norfolk Historical Society for commissioning the book, and Mrs. Harvey Lee Lindsay in particular, who conceived of the idea, and who headed the committee that guided its production.

Mrs. William B. Wingo and Miss Janet Fauntleroy Taylor, also members of the book committee, for their help and enthusiastic encouragement.

Carter B.S. Furr and Edwin R. MacKethan, past presidents of the Norfolk Historical Society, for their help and enthusiasm.

Frank Batten, chairman of the board of Landmark Communications, Inc., who generously permitted me to use material from my twice-weekly column, Tidewater Landfalls, as the basis of several of the chapters of the book.

Roy B. Martin, Jr., former Mayor of the City of Norfolk, for writing the appreciative and perceptive introduction.

Lawrence H. (Larry) Hirsh, former chief copy editor of The Virginian-Pilot and author of "Per-Verse," for preparing the manuscript of the book for publication.

Robert H. Mason, former editor of The Virginian-Pilot, for technical advice on naval history matters included in the book and for his appreciative interest.

William Littleton Tazewell, former associate editor of The Virginian-Pilot; and Joseph Willcox Dunn, former managing editor; Edwin H. Brandt, former metropolitan editor; and James R. Henderson III, a fellow journalist; and all of The Virginian-Pilot, for their constant encouragement and support.

Kenneth Harris, Norfolk's unique and nationally-recognized watercolorist and muralist, for designing the colorful dust jacket.

Arthur M. Kirkby, of the Norfolk Public Library, and Mrs. Lucile Portlock and Miss Peggy Haile of the Sargeant Memorial Room, the Virginia history collection of Norfolk's Kirn Memorial Library, for their valuable help with research and loan of pictures to illustrate the book.

Karl C. Edwards and Robert W. Golden of Printcraft Press, Inc., for their unfailing old-fashioned courtesy that reduced technical difficulties to a minimum.

And last, but not least, my dear wife, Elizabeth Braxton Williams Tucker, whose patience and understanding during the actual writing of the book, and invaluable assistance in compiling its index, helped me to complete it in record time.

George Holbert Tucker

Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881

Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881

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