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Norfolk Register for 1801

Corporation of the Borough of Norfolk

Court of Hustings: Seth Foster, Mayor; Thomas Newton, Senior, Recorder; Cornelius Calvert, Alderman, Baylor Hill, do.; Samuel Moseley, do.; John K. Read, do.; William Vaughan, do.; John Cowper, do.; John Stratton, do.

Common Council: Robert Boush, President; Thomas Newton, Junior; Thomas Blanchard; John Brown; John Nivison; Luke Wheeler; Robert Taylor; Robert B. Taylor; Harrison Allmand; Richard L. Green; John Bramble; James Bennett; George Wilson; James Woodward; James Tucker; John G. Marsden; Register – William Sharp

State’s Attorney for the Borough: James Nimmo

Clerk of the Hustings Court and Common Council: William Sharp

Sergeant: James Boyce

Chamberlain: Hance Baker

Overseer of the Poor: John Calvert

Physician: William O’Grady

Commissioner of Revenue Tax: Paul Proby

Deputy Sergeant: Jonathan Williamson

Commissioner of the Streets: Edward Widgeon

Clerk of the Market: John Warrington

Wood Measurer: Robert Demster

Habour Master: Paul Proby

Inspectors of lumber, &c: John Barret, Frederick Henneckee, Henry Prescott

Inspector of Flour: John Dudgeon

The Court of Hustings is held the fourth Monday in every month. Quarterly terms in March, June, August and November. The Common Council is held as occasion may require.

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Census of the Borough of Norfolk


Census of the year 1790



White males under 10 years



of 10 and under 16



of 16 and under 26



of 26 and under 45



of 45 and upwards






White females under 10 years


of 10 and under 16


of 16 and under 26


of 26 and under 45


of 45 and upwards





Total white people of both sexes


Free persons of colour





Total inhabitants


Increase in 10 years


Census of the City of Richmond

Census for the year 1790


Census for the year 1800


Increase in ten years


Census of the Town of Alexandria

Census for the year 1790


Census for the year 1800


Increase in ten years


Census of the Town of Petersburg

Census for the year 1790


Census for the year 1800


Increase in ten years


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Public Buildings

2 Episcopal churches, 1 Presbyterian do., 2 Methodist do., 1 Roman chapel, 1 Baptist congregation, a courthouse, jail, cage for disorderly persons, poor house, market, academy, theatre and powder magazine.

There are now (January 1801) about one thousand houses, including stores, in the borough, and increasing rapidly in building; particularly in the suburbs; this number does not include those houses without its present boundary line.

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Notaries Public

John Nivison, Thomas Newton, Junior, Robert B. Taylor, Samuel Marsh


No. 1: R. W. Rev. James Whitehead, Master; W. Alexander Whitehead, S. Warden; W. Archibald Campbell, J. Warden; James bennett, Treasurer; James Paul, Secretary; John Dudgeon, Senior Deacon; Benjamin Hathaway, Joel Cornock, Stewards; William Rowe, Pursuivant; John Barret, Tyler and 200 other members.

No. 56 of Naphtali: R. W. John K. Read, Master; R. W. Robert Brough, Past Master; W. William Thompson, Senior Warden; W. William Sharp, Junior Warden; William B. Lamb, Treasurer; John Saunders, Junior, Secretary; John Camp, Senior Deacon; William Rogers, Junior Deacon; William Blyth, Steward; Benjamin Wolf, Assistant do.; Thomas Jandrell, Pursuivant; John Warrington, Tyler and 108 other members

French Lodge of Truth: R. W. Henry Huger, Master; W. Nicholas Durieux, Senior Warden; W. Jacob Womrath, Junior Warden; I. P. Renault, Orator; Le Roux de Framerville, Secretary; G. Ott, Treasurer

Regular lodge of No. 1, first Thursday in every month. Do. of 56, first Tuesday in every month.

Canal Company

Robert Andrews, President. Directors: Thomas Newton, Senior; James G. Martin; Augustine Slaughter; Robert Boush. James Boyce, Treasurer

Fire Wardens

Thomas Newton, Senior; Warren Ashley, Richard L. Green; George Wilson; James Nimmo; Thomas Blanchard, Phineas Dana, Moses Myers, Samuel Coleman, James Woodward

Office of Discount & Deposit

Robert Taylor, President. Directors: Moses Myers, Conway Whittle, Warren Ashley, John Granbery, Samuel Kerr, William Pennock, Luke Wheeler, John Cowper, Alexander Maclure, William Davies, James Donaldson and Robert Pollard (Richmond). Cashier – Charles Renshaw

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Custom House Establishment

District of Norfolk and Portsmouth

William Davies, Collector; Philemon Gatewood, Naval Officer; Copeland Parker, Surveyor; Thomas Blow, Surveyor for Smithfield; Thomas Swepson, Surveyor for Suffolk; Andrew Leckie, Deputy Collector; Richard Evans, Deputy Naval Officer; Baylor Hill, Measurer; Edward Archer, Weigher and Guager; S. S. Leffingwell, Weigher and Guager, Portsmouth. Established officers of Inspection for Norfolk and Portsmouth: J. Tab Smith, John Saunders, J. George, M. D. Clauman and Hillary Mosely. Commissioned Officers of Inspection: William Whitfield, Supernumerary, J. Rogers, Supernumerary, Gosport. Noncommissioned officers: Robert Barron, Solomon Bedinger and John Parker. Commander of the Revenue Cutter the Virginia: Francis Bright. Commander of the Patriot: William Ham.

Marine Hospital

Physician and Surgeon: Philip Barraud; Mate G. W. Maupin; Purveyor of ospital – Thomas Price

Norfolk Directory for 1801

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