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Norfolk Directory for 1801


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Norfolk 1801 Directory


At a Hustings Court, continued and held the 27th Day of January, 1801

CHARLES H. SIMMONS, having, in letter addressed to the court, dated the 24th instant, represented to them that he is about to complete and publish a Directory, in which he proposes to designate the places of abode of the inhabitants of this borough, and solicits the countenance and patronage of the court, setting forth that it would greatly aid and facilitate the undertaking by being duly authorised to number the buildings. The court taking the same into consideration this 27th day of January, do by virtue of the authority vested in them by the charter of the borough, authorise and allow the said C. H. Simmons to proceed to enumerate the buildings respectively within the corporation, by progressive numbers, and to affix the same thereto; and also to designate the streets and public lanes.

And moreover, the court being desirous that the most beneficial effects should result to the citizens do direct that the foregoing order be transmitted to the common hall, with a request to that honorable body, that they would make provision to defray the expence of employing an able and skilful surveyor, to take and return to this court, an accurate plan of this borough, that the same being duly approved and deposited in the clerk’s office, may become a part of the records, agreeably to an act of assembly.

(A Copy) Teste,

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Norfolk Directory for 1801

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