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Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881
By George Holbert Tucker


Let us hope we will always have a writer and historian with the interest and talent of Mr. Tucker

The Norfolk Historical Society's choice of "Norfolk Highlights -- 1584-1881" by Norfolk's own George Holbert Tucker, with a dust jacket designed by Norfolk's well-known watercolorist and muralist Kenneth Harris, as its contribution to the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of our national independence, is, in my opinion, an excellent one, for this delightful book will be a lasting joy for the citizens of Tidewater for many years.

Mr. Tucker's talents as a historian and writer are well known to the citizens of Tidewater through his familiar column, "Tidewater Landfalls" in The Virginian-Pilot, in which he literally brings alive for us the people and events of the past.

In "Norfolk Highlights -- 1584-1881" the author takes us on a journey through those years, starting with the Indians who inhabited the land on which our city has been built and ending with Norfolk's participation in the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Yorktown.

From beginning to end this is a fascinating presentation of life as it was from 1584 to 1881 in this area, with particular emphasis on the social history of Norfolk and those who participated in it, including the development of Norfolk's theatrical, church, musical, artistic, and other cultural pursuits in those early days.

As Norfolk had what seems more than a normal share of tragic events for any one city in its early years, these are also covered. But, more importantly, this warm and intimate recording of the personalities of its citizens in those days points out how undaunted by catastrophes were the residents, who always picked themselves up quickly to rebuild and improve their community. What a tremendous heritage they left us with which to face any trials which come our way, to solve them, and to continue to build for the betterment of our city in our times.

Let us hope we will always have a writer and historian with the interest and talent of Mr. Tucker to record the times to come, as well as the times we live in.

I wholeheartedly recommend "Norfolk Highlights -- 1584-1881" as enlightening and enjoyable reading.

Roy B. Martin, Jr., Former Mayor
City of Norfolk, Virginia


Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881

Norfolk Highlights 1584 - 1881

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