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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

Art. 21 Any non-commissioned officer or soldier, who shall, without leave from his commanding officer, absent himself from his troop, company, or detachment, shall, upon being convicted thereof, be punished according to the nature of his offence, as the discretion of a court martial.

Art. 22  No non-commissioned officer or soldier, shall enlist himself in any other regiment, troop, or company, without a regular discharge from the regiment, troop, or company, in which he last served, on the penalty of being reported a deserter, and suffering accordingly.  And in case any officer shall knowingly receive and entertain such non-commissioned officer or soldier, or shall not, after him being discovered to be a deserter, immediately confine him and give notice thereof to the corps in which he last served the said officer shall by a court martial be cashiered.

Art. 23.  Any officer or soldier who shall be convicted of having advised or persuaded any other officer or soldier to desert the service of the United States, shall suffer death or such other punishment as shall be inflected upon him by the sentence of a court martial.

Art. 24.  No officer or soldier shall use any reproachful or provoking speeches or gestures to another, upon pain, if an officer, of being put in arrest; if a soldier, confined, and of asking pardon of the party offended, in the presence of his commanding officer.

Art. 25.  No officer or soldier shall send a challenge to another officer or soldier, to fight a duel, or accept a challenge , if sent, upon pain, if a commissioned officer, of being cashiered; if a non-commissioned officer or soldier of suffering corporeal punishment, at the discretion of a court martial.


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