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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

Art. 76.  No person whatsoever shall use any menacing words, signs, or gestures, in presence of a court martial, or shall cause any disorder or riot, or disturb their proceedings, on the penalty of being punished at the discretion of the said court martial.

Art. 77.  Whenever any officer shall be charged with a crime, he shall be arrested and confined in his barracks, quarters, or tent and deprived of his sword, by the commanding officer.  And any officer who shall leave his confinement before he shall be set at liberty by his commanding officer, or by a superior officer, shall be cashiered.

Art. 78.  Non-commissioned officers and soldiers charged with crimes, shall be confined until tried by a court martial, or released by proper authority.

Art 79.  No officer or soldier who shall be put in arrest, shall continue in confinement more than eight days, or until such time as a court martial can be assembled.

Art. 80. No officer commanding a guard, or provost marshal, shall refuse to receive or keep any prisoner committed to his charge by an officer belonging to the forces of the United States, provided the officer committing shall, at the same time, deliver an account in writing, signed by himself , of the crime with which the said prisoner is charged.


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