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Norfolk Directory for 1801


Last Name First Name Middle Title Address Occupation  
Bailey Francis     Church Street 106 shop keeper  
Bailey Richard     Church Street 94 cabinet maker  
Bailey Robert W.   Talbot's Row 11 sail maker  
Bailey (free black) Lemuel     Commerce Street 13 shoe maker  
Bailey (free black) Lemuel     Cumberland Street (fields) shoe maker dwelling
Bains Mary     Catherine Street (fields) widow dwelling
Baker Hance     Main Street 99 dentist  
Baker Ruth     Church Street (Continued) 1 boarding house  
Baker (free black) John     Borough Tavern Alley shoe maker  
Baldry John     Commerce Street 9 sailors' boarding house  
Balfour Hannah     Main Street 127 Navy Tavern keeper  
Ballard John     Queen Street (fields) sea captain dwelling
Balliard John     Main Street 99 shop keeper  
Ballias John W.   Main Street 103 store keeper  
Banwell Richard     Catherine Street 11 accountant  
Barnes John     Bank Street 21 shop keeper  
Barraud Philip     Main Street 21 medicine shop  
Barraud Philip   Dr. Cumberland Street 1 physician dwelling
Barret John     Church Street 109    
Barron Robert     Catherine Street 27 Hampton packets master dwelling
Barruad Philip   Dr. Main Street 23 physician  
Bayer Alexander     Talbot's Row 4 store keeper  
Baynes Joseph     Main Street 58 tailor  
Baynes Matthew     Main Street 58 saddler  
Beagles Harman     Water Street 29 tobacco manufacturer  
Beale George     Market Square 17 auctioneer  
Beale George     Brewer Street 9 auctioneer dwelling
Bedinger Solomon     Marsden's Wharf 1 commission merchant  
Bedinger Solomon     Main Street (corner Martin's) commission merchant dwelling
Beggs     The Miss Bermuda Street 13   dwelling
Belan Joshua     Church Street 104   shop keeper
Bell Edward     Church Street 80   ship carpenter
Bell John     Freemason Street 16 sea captain dwelling
Benbridge Henry     Marsden's Wharf 6 merchant dwelling
Benbridge Henry     Catherine Street 7 merchant  
Bennett Elijah     Church Street 117 tobacconist  
Bennett James & William     Catherine Street 10 merchant dwelling
Bennett James & William     Commerce Street 2 merchant  
Benthal William     Church Street 77 house joiner  
Beraud E.     Bermuda Street 2 French teacher  
Bermingham James     Little Water Street 15 boarding house  
Berry Rachel     Boush's Lane 2 seamstress  
Bessom John     Queen Street (fields) sea captain dwelling
Billups George     Bermuda Street 18 house carpenter  
Billups Joseph     Talbot's Row 7 constable  
Bingley Edward     Water Street 16 shop keeper  
Black David     Church Street 34 sea captain dwelling
Blanchard M.     Church Street 101 shop keeper  
Blanchard Thomas     Market Square 8 auctioneer  
Bland William   Rev. Church Street 39 Norfolk Episcopal Church  
Block J.     Little Water Street 35 shop keeper  
Blow Richard     Commerce Street Wharf 20 merchant  
Blundel Peter     Main Street 49 store keeper dwelling
Blundel Peter     Main Street 99 store keeper  
Blythe William     Dameron's Lane 8 painter  
Blythe & Hathaway       Newton's Wharf 6 painters & glaziers  
Bonnaud John     Market Square 28 shop keeper  
Booz (?) Nicholas     Church Street 123 shop keeper  
Boufomat     Madam Church Street 4 shop keeper  
Boush Bennet     Bute Street (fields) house carpenter dwelling
Boush Bennet     J. Calvert's Wharf house carpenter  
Boush Charles     Brigg's Point sea captain dwelling
Boush Nathaniel   Captain Talbot's Row 5-10    
Boush Robert     Fen Church Street 2 Common Council, President  
Boush Wilson     Loyall's Lane 4 sea captain dwelling
Boushong Lewis     Church Street 115 sea captain dwelling

Richard     Newton's Wharf 12 ship chandler  
Bowen Joseph     Dameron's Lane 10 shop keeper  
Boyce James     Bermuda Street 14 Borough Sergeant  
Boyd Joseph     Little Water Street 28 grocer & boarding house  
Boza     Madam Dameron's Lane 3 widow dwelling
Bracket William     Woodside's Lane 2 house carpenter  
Brag Henry     Main Street 90 trader  
Bramble John   Captain Church Street 101    
Branas Robert     Woodside's Wharf 9 tailor  
Branch Bank
      Catherine Street 1    
Branson       Fen Church Street 19 tailor
Bray Joseph     Water Street 43 tailor  
Brian Daniel     Water Street 41 boarding house  
    Main Street 113 boarding house  
Brickhouse Smith     Cumberland Street 25    
Briquet Claudius r     Freemason Street 1 candle manufacture  
Brooks Samuel     Church Street 119 jeweler & miniature painter  
Brooks Samuel     Church Street 6 jeweler & miniature painter dwelling
Broomfield George     Church Street 21 shop keeper  
Brough Robert     Granby Street 9    
Broun, George &       Commerce Street 2 merchant  
Brown John     Boush Street 5 ship chandler dwelling
Brown John     Newton's Wharf 13 ship chandler  
Brown John G.   Little Water Street 26 boarding house  
Brown Joseph     Mitchell's Row 1 lodging house  
Nathaniel     Mitchell's Row 2 lodging house  
Brown Samuel     Boush Street 9 ship chandler dwelling
Brown Samuel     Maxwell's Wharf 2 ship chandler  
Brown Thomas & John     Market Square 1 merchant  
Brue James     Commerce Street 3 sea captain dwelling
Buchanan George     Little Water Street 32 boarding house  
Bullifant Furnea     Church Street 51 accountant  
Buncher John     Boush Street 7 accountant  
Bunting Joshua     Freemason Street 11 block maker dwelling
Bunting Joshua     Warren's Wharf block maker  
Burgess John     Bermuda Street 22 ship joiner  
James     Bute Street (fields) house carpenter  
Burk Patrick     Main Street 119 shop keeper  
Burk Redmond     Little Water Street 15 shop keeper  
Burk Richard     Woodside's Lane 1 grocer  
Burke & Roan       Rothery's Wharf 11 merchant  
Burt John M.   Church Street 110    
Bushnall James     Cumberland Street 21 sea captain dwelling
Bushwood Thomas     Boush Street 2 house carpenter  
Butler Thomas     Bermuda Street 19 pilot dwelling
Butler Tristam     Cumberland St 32 (corner) sea captain dwelling
Butt Francis     Freemason Street 14 house carpenter  
Butt Hillary     Freemason Street 13 house carpenter  
Byrne Eleanor     Woodside's Wharf 7 shop keeper  
Byrns Ann      Maxwell's Lane 8 sailors' lodging  

Norfolk Directory for 1801

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