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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

Sec. 4.  And be it further enacted, That the monthly pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates, be as follows, to wit; to the brigadier general, two hundred and twenty five dollars, which shall be his full and entire compensation, without a right to demand or receive any rations, forage, (traveling expenses) or other perquisite or emolument whatsoever, except such stationery as may be requisite for the use of his department;…. To the paymaster of the army, one hundred and twenty dollars, without any other emolument, except such stationery as may be requisite in his department, and the use of the public office now occupied by him; to the aid-de-camp, in addition to his pay in the line, thirty dollars; to each paymaster attached to districts, and each assistant to such paymaster, ten dollars, in addition to his pay in the line;…. To each colonel, seventy five dollars; to each lieutenant colonel, sixty dollars; to each major, fifty dollars; to each surgeon, forty five dollars; to each surgeon’s mate, thirty dollars; to each adjutant, ten dollars in addition to his pay in the line; to each captain, forty dollars; to each first lieutenant, thirty dollars; to each second lieutenant, twenty five dollars;* to each ensign, twenty dollars; to each cadet,….+dollars.

* Third lieutenant, twenty three

+ Sixteen

Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the commissioned officers aforesaid shall be entitled to receive, for their daily subsistence, the following number of rations of provisions: a colonel, six rations; a lieutenant colonel, five rations; a major, four rations; a captain, three rations; a lieutenant, two rations; an ensign, two rations; a surgeon, three rations; a surgeon’s mate, two rations; a cadet, two rations, or money in lieu thereof, at the option of the said officers and cadets at the posts respectively where the rations shall become due;…. And each non-commissioned officer, musician and private, one ration; to the commanding officers of each separate post, such additional number of rations as the President of the United States shall, from time to time, direct, having respect to the special circumstances at each post; to the women who may be allowed to any particular corps, not exceeding the proportion of four to a company, one ration each; to such matrons and nurses as may be necessarily employed in the hospital, one ration each;…

Sec. 6. (15. Sec. 8, Act of 11th Jun. 1812)

Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the following officers shall, whenever forage is not furnished by the public, receive at the rate of the following sums per month, in lieu thereof; each colonel, twelve dollars; each lieutenant colonel, eleven dollars; each major, ten dollars; each adjutant, …* dollars; each surgeon, ten dollars; and each surgeon’s mate, six dollars.

Sec. 8. (16: sec. 9, Act of 11th Jun. 1812)

Sec. 9. (Exceeded)

Sec. 10.  (16: sec. 10, Act of 11th Jun. 1812)


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