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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

Rules and Regulations of the Army of the United States
WAR OFFICE, May 1, 1813.

1st. The light artillery
2d. The light dragoons
3d. The foot artillery           
4th. The infantry
According to the numbers of the regiments respectively.
5th. The riflemen
6th. The volunteers in the service of the United States and   
 7th. The militia draughts,
According to the numbers given to them respectively by the General commanding the district.
This regulation is confined to parades.  On all other occasions regiments will be drawn up in the way which shall be directed by the General, or other commanding officer.

In all cases in which command shall not have been specially given, the eldest officer, whether of cavalry, of artillery, or of infantry, will command.  
Where a controversy concerning rank shall arise from the sameness of date in commissions, it shall be determined by reference to former commissions, in the regular service; and if none such should have been held, by former commissions in the militia.
Brevet rank gives no precedence nor command, except on detachments; nor shall Persons having such rank only; be include in the roster of officers for any duty other than that performed by detachments, and to which they shall be specially assigned.
Officers of the regular army of the same grade with those of the volunteers and militia, have precedence of these, whatever may be the dates of their respective commissions.
There is no precedence between staff departments.  The officers assigned to these will take rank, 1st, from the brevets they hold; and 2d, from the rank they respectively have in the line.


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