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 Norfolk Confederate Monument about 1907

Norfolk's Monument of Love

What does the Norfolk Confederate Monument represent? The answer can be found by reading it.

"Our Confederate Dead 1861 – 1865"

This is a monument of love.  Love for a Father lost in war.  Love for a son lost in war.  Love for a brother lost in war. 

The monument was put up to remember those who died defending the State of Virginia from an invasion of the State.  Many of these men served when the Governor of Virginia called up the Virginia Militia.  State Law required every man between 18 and 45 years of age to serve in the militia.  Many of these men volunteered to serve in the Army to protect their homes and families from this invading army.  Still others were drafted into the Confederate Army.

During the War many of these men were killed and buried in unmarked graves.  Families lost fathers, brothers, and sons who had no gravestone to mark their grave.  So local communities around the state raised money to honor and remember their family members who lost their lives defending their home.  This monument represents the closest these families will come to having a gravestone for their family members.

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