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Pickett - Buchanan Camp Confederate Veterans

Monument Board of Trustees

Norfolk, Va. June 1st 1898

A special meeting of the Committee on Monument, Pickett – Buchanan Camp Confederate Veterans this date.

Washington Taylor, Chairman
J. S. Garrett
W. W. Chamberlaine
T. R. Borland
B. P. Loyall
Geo. Wilson
Geo. U. Todd
Rev. Dr. B. D. Tucker

The meeting was called to order by the chairman who stated that it had been called for the purpose of naming of naming a Board of Trustees into whose hands shall be committed the pledges and cash in hand for the erection of a Monument to the Confederate Dead, as required by action of the camp, On May 30th 1898, and for the transaction of other necessary business.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That in accordance with the Resolution adopted at a meeting of Pickett – Buchanan Camp, on the 30th day of May 1898, the following persons are hereby appointed as a Board of Trustees, to whom the funds subscribed for the building of the Monument shall be at once delivered.


  1. Col. Walter H. Taylor
  2. Capt. B. P. Loyall
  3. Rev. Dr. B. D. Tucker
  4. Judge T. S. Garrett Sr.
  5. Washington Taylor

And that said funds together with all additions thereto, shall be managed and disbursed only upon the order of the said Trustees, or their authorized agent.
The following Resolutions were also adopted.

Resolved, that an Executive Committee be and is hereby appointed, consisting of

Walter H Taylor
B. P. Loyall
B. D. Tucker
T. S. Garrett
Washington Taylor
W. W. Chamberlaine
T. R. Borland
Geo. W. Wilson Jr.
Geo. M. Todd

Which said Committee shall proceed at once to enter into a contract with the Couper Marble Works of Norfolk, VA. for the location and erection of a Monument to the Confederate Dead according to the plans adopted at a meeting of Pickett – Buchanan Camp held on the 30th day of May 1898.

Resolved, that five of the Executive Committee shall be considered a quorum.

Resolved, That Mr. W. T. Brooke, the City Engineer, be requested to make an examination of the Site selected for Monument, with a view of ascertaining what will be required in the way of a foundation and that the Board of Trustees shall be and are hereby authorized to defray any expenses that may be incurred in making said examination.

The following resolution also adopted.

Resolved, That 25% of the subscriptions be called for on July 1st pron.

G. M. Todd

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Source of Information

Picket - Buchanan Camp of Confederate Veterans minute book 1898

in the collection of  

Jean Outland Chrysler Library, 

Room 1003, Barry Arts Building, 4600 Monarch Way, Norfolk, Va. 23508, (757) 664-6205.