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How to solve the problems created by the events in Charlottesville, VA.

The answer is very simple: Stop hating people and help people understand each other.

Understand each other.

At we are trying to help people understand each other. has partnered with the Norfolk Cemeteries and Norfolk Society for Cemetery Conservation to publish the biographies of Norfolk’s Notable Citizens buried in Norfolk.  On are the biographies of people of many races that have significant accomplishments.  Recognizing the accomplishments of people, helps feel good about the society we live in.
At we try to present history in the most factual way possible. posts on line source documents such as original letter transcripts, newspaper articles from the time period, court documents, military records, and government documents (including the text of laws).
No one can change the past.  We can only change the future.  We should learn about history to help us understand how we got to where we are now.  We should admit some of the mistakes of the past, so we do not repeat them.  Slavery should have never been introduced into this country.  Land should not have taken from Native Americans by force, placing them on reservations against their will.  There have also been many great things accomplished in this country such as the constitutional freedoms we enjoy, the inventions we enjoy, and advances in medicine.  Through hard work we can continue to do great things in this country.

The 1860’s were a very difficult time for this country.  We had three different groups, with different objectives, fighting a war.

The North was fighting to restore the Union.  Their view was that the South did not have the right to leave the union and they had the right to force the south to rejoin the union.  A county is not a true democracy if you force people to be part of it by invading their state.

The South was fighting for independence.  One of the major reasons they wanted to leave the union was to continue the use of slavery.  Slavery is not a good institution.  The southern army was also fighting to defend their homes and family from an invading army.

The U. S. Colored Troops were fighting for the freedom of the enslaved black people.  This is the only group in this country that was fighting for a truly noble cause.

The war was over more than 150 years ago, but some people act like they are still fighting the war.  The South lost the war.

Stop Hating People

The country needs to stop joining hate groups.  If you join a group because you hate another group, then you are joining a hate group.  It is easy to identify a hate group:
If a group hates people because of: the color of their skin, where they were born, or what their religion is, they are a hate group.
If the group brings clubs and weapons to a rally or protest, they are a hate group.
If a group vandalizes property, destroys property, and wants to tear down things that are important to other people, they are a hate group.
If a group wants to dishonor veterans, they are a hate group.

The country needs to join groups that help others.  They are also easy to identify:
If a group builds playgrounds for kids with cancer, they are a group that helps others.
If a group feeds the hungry, they are a group that helps others.
If a group educates people on the great accomplishments of others, they are a group that helps others.
There are many other groups that we should join.

So what went wrong in Charlottesville?

The city council voted to take down the statue of Robert E. Lee.
Statues of Robert E. Lee are important to many good people.
Hate groups now had a cause to fight for and they went to Charlottesville.  (When hate groups can find a cause that is supported by good people, it makes it easier to recruit people and radicalize them.)
Another group showed up with clubs.
The two groups fought.
Someone drove a car into a crowd killing one person and injuring others.  (This person should be tried in court by a jury.)
Then protesters gathered in other cities to tear down or advocate tearing down monuments that honor good people’s ancestors.  (These monuments are important to many good people.)
Now other city councils want to tear down more monuments that are important to good people.
How many hate groups can you identify in these events?

Historic Documents related to the monument

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