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Report of the Committee on Monument

Norfolk, Va. May 30, 1898

A special meeting of the Pickett-Buchanan Camp Confederate Veterans, was held in its hall this (Monday) evening at 8 o’clock.
Geo. M Todd Commander
Fred Greenwood 1st Lieut. Comdr.
Past Commanders
Heugh Garrett , & Taylor
T. R. Jackson Adjunct
C Greekruit Collector,
Wash n Taylor (Cairman) Executive Committee
R. A. Dobie Executive Committee
And a number of Comrades,

The meeting was called to order by the Commander who stated that the Camp had been call to receive the report of the committee on Monument.

Comrade Col. Walter H. Taylor, submitted on behalf of the Committee the following report which was, on motion, received and the recommendations adopted.

Report of the Committee on Monument,
To the Commander and Comrades of Pickett – Buchanan Camp, Confederate veterans, Norfolk, Va.

Our efforts to secure a renewal of the old subscriptions to the Fund for the erection of a Monument in our City to the memory of the Confederate dead, that had expired by limitation of time, has been partially successful, and we now submit the following report of the present condition of this fund,


March 1. Amount originally deposited in the Franklin Savings Bank to the credit of the Norfolk Monumental Asociation Genr. R. L. Page. President, 120.04
Accumulation of interest to date. 354.33   $474.37


May 12, Amount of popular subscription in response to an appeal from Pickett – Buchanan Camp,  1000.59


April 1, Amount received from F. Greenwood, Jn War Tabbaux   455.12


May 11. The Tucker Boys & associates     2.00


Jan 3  do ditto      2.00
      30 do John A. Day    5.00
Mar. 19  do Mrs. J. S. Taylor     10.00
April 17 do The Tucker Boys & associates     3.52
June 11 do Alfred P Thorn   50.00
          23 do Excursion Steamer Pocahontas  25.00
Dec. 6 do Jno L. Stevens, SAR  1.00


Jan 31 do Col A. W. Stark   25.00
Mar 4 do Unknown thru Mrs. C S Granby 1.00
        6 do Kirmess Ester Farument Thru Mrs J S J Leigh,   504.50
May 15 do Miss Blanche Baker  25.00
Aug 10 do John H. Day  10.00


Mar 26 do Dr. Frank A. Walke  100.00
         29 do John H. Day  10.00
Aprl 30 do Mrs. Anna M D. Smith  10.00
May 15 do The pupils of Mrs. Masis School  1.90
             Do “ “ Norfolk Academy & Mrs Hunter 11.87
        19  Do “ “ Mrs. Smiths School  2.55
               do “ “ Miss Filchetts school 3.70
May 24 Amount received from
   the pupils of  Leach Wood School  5.45
   Ditto “ Phillips West “  2.00
   Ditto “ Charlotte Street “  2.84
   Ditto “ Bank St. Primary “ 1.14
Do “ Norfolk College Young Ladies.  3.25
29 do “ Forth Ward School  6.30
June 12 do “ Juvenile Ben Society, NC, YL.  2.60
24 do “ the pupils Norfolk High School  7.36
Aug 2 do Frank Dusch  100.00


Apr 16 do Allen Burrow  10.00
23 do M. Monleuby  5.00
May 28 do Geo. W. Dey  25.00

Accumulations of interest to date  492.64,  3,148.33
Total amount of cash on hand         $3,622.70

The following subscriptions, most of them renewals, are immediately available,
Mrs. James F. Cecil                 500.00
Mrs. L. P. Selden                    1000.00
The Misses Selden                 400.00
C. W. Granby                          400.00
Wm. E. Taylor                             200.00
Richard Walke                       200.00
M. L. T. Davis                          100.00
C. A. Nash                               200.00
A. H. Granby                           100.00
Wm. H. White                         100.00
J. W. Perry                              200.00
C. A. Woodard                        25.00
Wm. W. Old                            100.00
Wm. Sainb                              100.00
Washington Taylor               100.00
J.  W.  McCarriek                    100.00
Rev. B. D. Tucker                    100.00
W. H. Taylor                           200.00
Robertson Taylor                  100.00
W. A. S. Taylor                        100.00
W. W. Hunter                         100.00
W. T. Cooke                            50.00
A. J. Dalton                              100.00
J. E. Etheredge                       100.00
Miss C. L. Andrews                500.00
B. P. Loyall                              100.00
T. R. Borland                          100.00
Chas Reid & son                    100.00
W. W. Chamberlaine             100.00
O.  E. Edwards                       100.00
John deBree                           100.00
R. B. Tunstall                          100.00
Peter Smith                            50.00
James E. Barry                       100.00
Geo. Newton                           100.00
Wm. C. Dickson                      100.00
N. M. Weston                          100.00
Mrs. M. V. F. W. McCullough 150.00
T. S. Garnett                           100.00
Barton Myers                         100.00
J. R. Briggs                              100.00
Mrs. Wm. A. Graves               10.00
W. B. Rogers                           10.00
Umstadter Crlbyers              50.00
Henry Walke                          50.00
L. D. Starke                             50.00
E. M. Henry                            50.00
H. D. Oliver                             100.00
C. G. Elliott                              50.00
Geo. M. Todd                          50.00
Miss W. W. Todd                    50.00
N. M. Osborne                                    25.00

Total                                       $7,220.00

Which added to the cash in hand makes an aggregate of $10,842.70 available for the work in hand.

Your Committees regrets that after several years of Eurnest Endeavor it cannot submit a more favorable report.

The desire to have a Confederate Monument in our city through the voluntary offerings of our people does not seem to be generally felt, and discouragement and indifference were encountered in many instances when least expected.

We are admonished however, by the progress of time, that if our hopes for such a Monument are ever to materialize, we should commence the work at once, and we recommend that the Monument be placed at the head of old Market square, and that all the money now available be expended in the erection of a granite shaft, complete in itself somewhat after the design submitted by the Couper Marble Works, with provisions for heroic statues at the base and on the top of the Monument, whenever we have funds in hand for their purchase.

Your Committee recommends that the cash in hand and the subscription pledges be placed in the hands of a Board of Trustees, with authority to contract for a Monument and to expend the money in paying for the work as it progresses.  The subscribers have been told that 25% of their subscriptions would be called for at once and the residue as required in making payments for the work.

Your Committee recommends that application be made at once to the City authorities for the location of the Monument as proposed and for such material aid in the erection thereof and in appropriate arrangement of the square as they may have it in their power to extend.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the Committee,
(signed) Walter H. Taylor, Chairman

On motion, the action of the camp on March 29th in delegating to the Committee on Monument the authority to select 5 of its members as Trustees, was confirmed.

On motion the ungratified thanks of the Camp were tendered the Committee for their untiring zeal in obtaining funds with which to erect a Monument to the Confederate Dead.

On motion the Commander was requested to make proper application for permission to erect the Monument on the spot chosen and to petition the City authorities for substantial aid as recommended by the Committee.

T. B. Jackson

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Source of Information

Picket - Buchanan Camp of Confederate Veterans minute book 1898

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Jean Outland Chrysler Library, 

Room 1003, Barry Arts Building, 4600 Monarch Way, Norfolk, Va. 23508, (757) 664-6205.