Norfolk Confederate Monument Logo
 Norfolk Confederate Monument about 1907

1899 Ground Braking.



Ground was broken yesterday on Commercial Place for the Confederate monument. The foundation is to be 23 x 23 feet and will have a depth of six feet, one foot above ground.  Messrs. O'Brien, Stephens & Co. are preparing the foundation for the Couper Marble Company, of Norfolk, who were awarded the contract for furnishing the monument.
The City Engineer has examined the foundation and finds that piling will not lie necessary.

The stone has been prepared from designs made by Mr. J. D. Couper and the monument will be elected by February 15th. The shaft Including statue, win be seventy-five feet high and will be seen from every part of the city.

On the north side of the die will be cut the Confederate flag and on the south side a seal of the Confederate States in bronze will be set in the stone.  Mr. Couper says there will be handsomer monuments in the South, but none prettier.

Historic Documents related to the monument

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Source of Information

Virginian-Pilot, Volume 2, Number 91, 17 January 1899.