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 Norfolk Confederate Monument about 1906

Moving the Confederate Monument to Elmwood Cemetery is a bad idea.

Moving the Confederate Monument to Elmwood Cemetery is a bad idea for several reasons:

  1. The monument is about 60 feet tall therefore it will be much taller than anything in Elmwood Cemetery.  It will be seen for a mile or more.  The monument will be clearly visible from the surrounding black neighborhoods.  No one will be happy about that.
  2. Protests against the monument would then take place in Elmwood Cemetery, which is full of Confederate grave markers.  This will lead to large-scale vandalism of a cemetery.
  3. The monument requires a foundation that is 23 feet by 23 feet that is 6 feet deep.  This may not be possible with out disturbing current graves.
  4. The cost of moving the monument would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In a city where the school system is underfunded, the money should be used on education instead.
  5. Moving the monument may bring hate groups to Norfolk to protest.  The city should not give them a reason to come to Norfolk.
  6. The city may not own the monument.  It was paid for by private funds.


Historic Documents related to the monument

1895 Monument of Peace, 1895 Kirmess, 1897 Raising Money, Report of the Committee on Monument, Board of Trustees, Monument Approval, Communication from City Treasurer, Signing Monument Contract, 1899 Ground Braking, 1899 Plans For Laying The Corner Stone, 1899 Laying The Corner Stone, 1902 History of the Monument, 1907 Standard Bearer, 1907 Memorial Day

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