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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

No purchases, on public account, will be made by the Quartermaster’s department, but of the following articles –
1st Of forage.
2d Of fuel;
3d Straw for soldiers’ bedding;
4th Articles of stationery for regimental and garrison service;
5th Dragoon and artillery horses; and horses, oxen, wagons and carts for the transportation of baggage; boats for the same; and
6th Boards, planks, rails and other materials, for constructing and repairing barracks, hospitals, and bridges.

In all cases in which gun-carriages and artillery wagons may want repair in the field, the senior officer of artillery is to see the necessary repairs done, and for the expense of these, will make his draft on the Quartermaster general’s department.

When any building occupied by troops as a barrack shall have been left by them in a filthy state, or shall have suffered injury by them, the Quartermaster of the post or of the party recceeding to them, shall, in the one case, have the quarters cleansed, and in the other repaired; and the expense of so doing shall be deducted from the pay of the officers commanding the party which immediately preceded in the occupation of the buildings, so cleansed and repaired.

Regulations which shall govern the allowance of quarters, of forage, of food, of straw for bedding, of stationary, and of the transportation of the baggage of officers when ordered as distant commands.

  1. Of Quarters


To a Major general, three rooms and a kitchen.
To a Brigadier general, the Adjutant and inspector general, principal Quartermaster general, and Commissary general of ordnance, each, two rooms and a kitchen.
To each Adjutant general, Inspector general.  Quartermaster general, and field officer of a regiment, to the Assistant commissary general of ordnance, and to each Deputy quartermaster general, one room and a kitchen.
To each Assistant adjutant general, Assistant inspector general, Topographical engineer.  Major of brigade or Brigade inspector, Deputy paymaster general, Captain of the line, Judge advocate, Hospital surgeon, regimental Surgeon, and Chaplain, one room.
For all other commissioned officers – one room to every two officers; and to each mess of six or more officers, one kitchen.
To twelve non-commissioned officers, musicians, or privates, one room, or (in the summer) a kitchen.
The eldest officer to have the choice of quarters.


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