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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

WAR OFFICE, May 1st, 1813.
These will be divided under the following heads, viz:
Mustering and inspecting troops of the line, and militia detachments serving with them:
Selecting places of encampment, and posting guards:
Superintending the police of the camp and of the march:
Inspecting parades; and
Making half y confidential reports to the War Department, of the state of the army, division or detachment, to which they belong.

1. Mustering and inspecting the Troops of the Line and Militia Detachments.
Troops of all descriptions shall be mustered once in two months, for payment, nor shall any payment be made but upon muster rolls signed by an Inspector General, or his assistant, or in the absence of these, by some officer of the army of the United States, specially assigned to this duty, by the general commanding the district in which the said troops, so mustered, shall be found.  Three copies of these rolls shall, in all cases, be made; one of them to be deposited, with the Paymaster of the district, and two of them to be sent to the War Department; the one for the use of the Accountant of the said Department, and the other for the Paymaster of the army.
Semi-annual musters of the whole army, whether regular or militia, shall be made on or before the 1st day of January, and 1st of July, in each year; and rolls thereof, in alphabetical order, forwarded to the War Department as promptly thereafter as possible.
Inspections of the troops are of two kinds: stated and occasional.  The former shall take place monthly, and (as often as may be practicable) on the last day of each month; the latter, as often as the General commanding the district, the Chief of the Staff, or the Inspector General, may think proper.  The general object of both shall be to ascertain the exact state of the arms, equipments, and clothing, and of every other circumstance tending to show the actual condition of the troops so inspected.
Dragoon, artillery, and all other horses belonging to the public, will also be subjects of inspection, quarterly; those unfit for service will be branded in the presence of the inspecting officer, with the letter C, and immediately transferred to the Quartermaster General's Department, for public sale; nor shall any horse, so branded, be thereafter accepted by any inspecting officer.  Returns of cast horses will be made quarterly.
 A return of every inspection shall be made and deposited in the office of the Inspector General, for the information of the general commanding the district; and half yearly returns of inspection shall be made to the War Department.


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