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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

  1. Of Fuel

The allowance of fuel, from the last day of April, to the first day of November of each year, shall be at the rate of one cord of wood per month for each kitchen (or room occupied for cooking.)

At all posts, garrisons or cantonments within the states of N.H., Mass, R.I., Ver., Con., N.Y., N.J., Pen., Del., Md., and Ohio, one cord and half of a cord of wood per month from the last day of October, to the first day of May of each year, for each room and kitchen occupied agreeably to the proceeding regulations and at all other posts, garrisons or cantonments, during period, one cord of wood per month for each kitchen or other room occupied as aforesaid.

Each commanding or senior officer at any separate post, whatever may be his rank, will be entitled to fuel for one kitchen.

The allowance of wood for the quarters of the sick will be regulated by the commanding officer and Surgeon.

No compensation in money to be made, in lieu of allowances of fuel or of quarters and no fuel to be drawn but within the month for which it is due.

No fuel furnished for the use of a garrison, post, camp, or cantonment, shall be removed therefrom, but by the Quartermaster attached thereto; and any overplus of fuel beyond what has been used, or may be necessary for use, at such post, shall revert to the United States.

Coal may be issued, in proportion to the cost of wood, in lieu thereof.


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