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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

It shall be the duty of this department to provide -

1st. For the quartering and transporting of troops.

2d. For transporting all military stores, camp equipage, and artillery.

3d. For opening and repairing roads, and constructing and repairing bridges, which may be necessary to the movement of the army, or any detachment thereof.

4th. It shall be the further duty of this department to receive from the departments of purchase, and of ordnance, all clothing, camp equipage, arms, ammunition, and ordnance; to transport the same to the place of destination and there to make distribution thereof, agreeably to the direction given to the articles by the Commissary General of Purchases, and to the orders of the general commanding the district to which they are destined.
Quartermasters in the intermediate districts, between the places of receipt and delivery, will be held responsible for the safe transportation of all articles through their respective districts.
Articles for conveyance by this department shall be transported in bulk as much as possible, and with each quantity of stores conveyed, the Quartermaster at the post from which it is sent shall furnish a conductor, who shall have charge of it, and for whose conduct, in the safe keeping and delivery thereof, the Quartermaster shall be responsible.

5th. It shall be the duty of the department to provide all forage and fuel for the use of the troops, and have the same transported and issued agreeably to the regulations which follow.

6th. To provide good and sufficient store houses for provisions deposited under contract between individuals and the Government, and to appoint store keepers (for the custody of the said provisions, or other articles, the property of the public, which may be placed there) who shall give security for their safe keeping and delivery, under the orders of the commanding General of the district, or the Quartermaster General; and to find means of transporting the same, when so required by the engagements of the Government.

7th. To make returns, half yearly, to the Secretary of War, of all horses and draft oxen, or horses and oxen on hire, in public service, showing their number, employment, and condition; and a similar return of all other articles, the property of the public, of which the department may be possessed:

8th. To make and transmit to the Secretary of War, monthly summary statements of the accounts of the department, and quarterly accounts thereof, agreeably to the forms which shall be prescribed by the Treasury Department.

9th. All money drawn for the use of the department, within any military District, shall be drawn and accounted for by the senior officer of the department within such District.


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