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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813

2. Superintending the Police of the Camp and of the March.
It will be the duty of this department to designate all guards for the security and good order of the camp; to take charge of all prisoners made by these or otherwise; to examine and report the several cases to the commanding general, and to take his orders in relation to their future disposal; to inspect the state of tents, barracks, and hospitals; to punish any want of care or cleanliness therein; to regulate all sutlers and markets, within any camp, cantonment, or garrison; and to inspect and enforce the order of march, and to punish all infractions of it.

3. Inspecting Parades.
The troops detailed from each regiment for the service of the day will be brought to the parade ground of the brigade, under the command of the senior officer present, and on duty; these detachments will there he embodied, and marched to the ground of division parade, accompanied by the adjutant of the day, under command of the senior officer; the whole will then be marched as aforesaid, to the ground of general parade, accompanied by a major of brigade, detailed for that service by division orders; where they will be received by an Inspector or an Assistant Inspector General, reviewed, and detached for the service of the day.

4. Selecting Places for Encampment and Posting Guards.
This duty shall be performed under the directions of the commanding general; and the Inspector, in performing it, shall call to his aid an officer from each corps of engineers.

5. Making half yearly Confidential Reports to the War Department.
These reports will relate to the conduct of corps, and to that of individuals them.  They shall be submitted to the general commanding the army, and shall receive from him his remarks in writing, before they are transmitted to the War Department.  They shall specify -


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