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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813


The national salute shall be conformable to the number of States composing the Union.
A national salute shall be fired on a visit to the post from the President of the United States.
Fifteen guns shall be fired on a visit from the Vice President. the Secretary of War. Secretary of the Navy, a Major General of the army; and thirteen guns on that of a Brigadier General when commanding a district.  No other person shall be to salutes, and no salutes will be fired to any person but on his arrival.  No salutes shall be fired to foreign ships or vessels of war, but in return, and in every case their salute shall be returned gun for gun, notice being given.  No salutes shall be fired to public armed vessels of the United States under the rate of a frigate, and to those only in return, gun for gun, notice being given.
At one o’clock, on the fourth day of July of each year, a national salute will be fired from all the military posts and forts in the United States.
Salutes shall not be fired from guns of higher caliber than twelve pounders.


These will be divided under the following heads, viz:
Distribution of orders:
Details of service:
Instruction of the troops in the manual exercise, and the evolutions and arrangement of them when brought into action; and
Direction of the military correspondence.

1. Distribution of Orders
The general orders of the day having been received from the commanding General, the Adjutant General, or his assistant, will carry them to the office of distribution, where they will be recorded in a book kept for that purpose, whence, at an hour which shall have been assigned, they will be transcribed by the Aids-de-camp of general officers, by Majors of brigade, by the Adjutants of all separate corps less than brigades, by a Deputy or Assistant Deputy Quartermaster General, by an Hospital Surgeon, or an Hospital Surgeon's Mate, detailed for that duty by the senior surgeon, and some commissioned officer from each corps of engineers; and when so transcribed, they will be carried without delay to the corps to which these officers respectively belong, and be there promulgated, under the orders of the officers commanding the corps, and become to them a rule of conduct.



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