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Military Laws And Rules And Regulations For The Armies Of The United States.

Adjutant and Inspector General’s Office Washington, May 1st , 1813


1. Original vacancies will be supplied by selection; accidental vacancies by seniority, excepting extraordinary cases.

2 Promotions to the rank of Captain will be made regimentally; to that of field appointments, by line, the light artillery, dragoons, artillery, infantry, and riflemen, being kept always distinct.

3 No officer shall be entitled to the pay, rations, or emoluments, annexed to any office, until he shall have notice of his appointment thereto from the War Department; or from a general officer with respect to appointments in the gift of Generals.


The highest military honors are payable to the President and Vice President of the United States, whether in uniform or not.
To the Secretary of War, to Major Generals commanding districts or corps of the army, and to Governors of States, when in uniform, the same honors will be paid; with this exception, that to them the standards of the cavalry will not be dropped in saluting.
All other Major Generals are entitled to three ruffles of the drum, with presented arms, and to the dropping of all colors other than the standards.
Brigadier Generals commanding districts or corps of the army, are entitled to the honors payable to Major Generals not commanding in chief.
All other Brigadiers are entitled to two ruffles of the drum, and presented arms.
To Colonels, the guards of their own regiments turn out and present their arms, once a day; after which they only turn out with ordered arms.
To Lieutenant Colonels and Majors, their own guards turn out with ordered arms, once a day.
When a Lieutenant Colonel or Major shall command a regiment, their own quarter guards pay them the compliments due to a Colonel.
When a General or other officer, entitled to a salute, shall pass in the rear of a guard, it will not face about, but stand with shouldered arms.
When a General or other officer, entitled to a salute, shall pass guards while in the act of relieving, both guards will salute, taking the word of command from the senior officer of the two.
Military compliments are to be paid to officers of the navy, when in uniform, agreeably to their rank, as follows, viz: Commodores, with broad pennants, have the same compliments as Brigadier Generals; and all other Post Captains, those due to Colonels.
All guards are to be under arms when an armed party approaches their posts; and to parties commanded by a commissioned officer, they will present arms and beat a march, and the officers will salute.
The colors of a regiment passing any guard will be saluted, the drums of the regiment saluting in turn.
When two regiments meet on a march, the regiment of inferior rank will halt, form, and salute the other, which proceeds on its march with swords drawn, bayonets fixed, trumpets sounding, drums beating, and colors flying, until it shall have cleared the front of the latter regiment.
All regiments marching with standards or colors, have claim to the compliments of any regiment they may meet on their march not having standards or colors, without regard to the rank of the particular corps.


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