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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


April 1863

  1. Remained in camp.  Very stormy and cold.  Capt. William A. Adams came from home to bring us some goods that the county furnished.
  2. Remained in camp.  Regt. inspections by Fitz Lee.  Warm.
  3. Regt. remained in camp.  I got a detail to go home at 7 PM.  Started at 8 PM from Culpeper Court House marched to Louisa county near the Rappadon.
  4. Started the next morning at 5 AM.  Came to Louisa Court House marched in 2 or 3 miles of  Court House.  Commenced snowing in the night.  Moderate warm.
  5. Started from Court House marched through Powhatan.  Went by the Court House  Stopped in Amelia County near the depot.  Cold and snowy.
  6. Started from Amelia at 6 AM came by Ford Depot.  Got home at 4 PM.  Clear and warm.
  7. I was at home in Dinwiddie County.  I went to the shoemaker shop at Mile Hill.  Moderate warm.
  8. Went to Mr. Mitchells from there to James H. Kings and back home.  Then to George Browns, Thrifts and Bishops.  Warm.
  9. I came from home to Stony Creek.  There I got on the train and came to Petersburg.  Went to see Miss Fannie and Molly Jackson.
  10. I was in town.  Went to Mr. Paynes from there to Mr. Jackson and back to Mothers.  Moderate warm.
  11. Went from Mothers to Mr. Jacksons to walk with some young ladies to town and back.  Very warm.
  12. I started from Petersburg.  Came to Stony Creek.  My horse met me.  From there I went home.  Warm.
  13. I went to Ledretters and bought a horse.  Gave $500 for her.  Returned back home.
  14. Went to Mr. Mitchells from there to Mr. Kings and back home.
  15. I went to Banes from there to Horteville and back home.  Rained nearly all day.  Moderate warm.
  16. I came from home to Petersburg.  Went out to Mr. Jackson’s stayed all night.
  17. In town riding around.  Went to Mr. Jackson’s in the evening to ride out with some young ladies.
  18. Started from Petersburg marched through Chesterfield into the edge of Powhatan.
  19. Marched from edge of Chesterfield thru Powhatan Co.  Stayed all night near Goochland Court House.
  20. Marched from Goochland Court House to Louisa Court House.  Raining nearly all night.  Very cold.
  21. Marched from Louisa thru Orange nearly to Culpeper Court House.  Stayed all night.  Cold and rainy.
  22. I got to my company at Culpeper Court House.  Cold very sloppy.
  23. Remained in camp.  Cold and raining.
  24. Cold and raining. Remained in camp.
  25. Brigade inspection by Fitz Lee.
  26. Moved camp nearly half a mile.
  27. Remained in camp.  Grazed my horse.
  28. Remained in camp.  Grazed my horse nearly all day.
  29. Received orders at day bread to saddle up and mount.  We went to Brandy from there to Stevensburg.  Attacked the enemy’s flank.  We then went back to Culpeper Court House then to Rapidan River.
  30. Marched from Rapidan to Orange from there to Spotsylvania Court House.  Got cut off.  At 9 M made a charge.  Wipped the enemy back.

May 1863