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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


July 1863

  1. Got on the train at Staunton.  Went thru Charlottsville, Ashland.  Got to Richmond at 5 PM.
  2. Started to Petersburg at 9 AM.  Got there at 4 PM.  Called on some young ladies.
  3. Stayed in Petersburg all day.  Stayed the best part of the day at Mr. Jacksons.  Walked out with Miss Jackson and Miss Teusom.
  4. Started from Petersburg at 4 AM.  Got to Richmond at 7 AM.  Remained there balance of the day.
  5. Remained in Richmond until 4 PM.  Started for Lynchburg.  Got to Concord Station at 3:30 AM.  Found out that the bridge was gone.
  6. Started from Concord Station and walked to Lynchburg.
  7. Started from Lynchburg at 6 AM.  Went to Charletsville there got on the central train.  Got to Staunton at 6 PM.  Started for Winchester and the gaurds stopped me.
  8. Started from Staunton flanked the pickets went by Spring Hill, Bridgewater Town, Dayton Town to Harrisonburg.  Stopped near New Market.
  9. Came thru New Mewmarket, Mount Jackson, Edinburg, Woodstock, Strasburg, Middletown.  Stayed all night.
  10. Started from Middletown came thru Newtown, Bartiesville, Curantstown, Winchester.  There I flanked the pickets.  Went in 5 miles of Martinsburg.
  11. Started early in the morning went to Martinsburg.  Met prisoners and went back with them to Winchester.  Marched all night.
  12. Started from Winchester at 10 AM.  Marched nearly to Martinsburg.  Stopped and stayed all night.
  13. Started from camp at 9 AM.  Went thru Martinsburg nearly to Williamsport.  Stayed all night.
  14. Got with my Rgt.  Came thru Martinsburg stopped and stayed all night in Burkley Co. VA.
  15. Started from Burkley County came by Leetown.  Stopped near Charles Town stayed all night.
  16. Stayed in camp near Charles Town.
  17. Stayed in camp all day.  Rgt.  came from Shepperdstown.
  18. I went to Charles Town stayed until 1 PM.  Came back to camp found that they had moved near Leetown.
  19. Remained in camp in Jefferson Co. near Leetown.
  20. Remained in camp in Jefferson Co. near Leetown.
  21. Remained in camp near Leetown.
  22. Started from camp near Leetown came thru Berryville, Millwood, stopped near Front Royal.  Stayed all night.
  23. Started from camp near Front Royal crossed the Shenanadoah came round Front Royal crossed the Blueride mountain stopped near Gamses crossroads.  Stayed all night.
  24. Started from near Gainses crossroads crossed the Hazel River at Genings ford.  My squadron was left on picket.  I stayed at Neubies ford.
  25. Spent a portion of the day on picket at Neubies ford.  We were then sent on picket at Rixeyvilel ford on the Hazel River.
  26. Spent the day on picket at Rixeyville on the Hazel River.
  27. I spent the day on picket Rixeyville on the Hazel River.  Rained very hard in the evening.  I got wet.
  28. I spent the day on picket at Rixeyville on the Hazel River.  I went to see Miss Bettie Carsin.  Got caught in the rain.  Got very wet.  Stayed around Carcin barn all night.
  29. I was released from picket came to Culpeper Court House in our old camp.  Cloudy several of the boys got detail to go home after ---.
  30. Remained in camp near Culpeper Court House.  Several of the boys started home to get horses.  I wrote a letter to C P Pool of Dinwiddie County, Va.
  31. Remained in camp until 5 PM.  Received orders to saddle up and mount.  Marched to Brandy.  Stopped and grazed until 8.  Marched all night.  Got to Rapidan at day break.

August 1863