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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


November 1863

  1. Sun – I started from Fredericksburg crossed the Rappahannock in to Stafford County went all over the forest stayed at Mrs. Grays all night.
  2. I started from Mrs. Grays on the Rappahannock went over the forest came into King George near the Court House stayed all night at Mrs. Grays.
  3. I started from near King George Court House went by edge hill crossings back to Edgehill stayed in that neighborhood all day.
  4. We went to the Potomac and rounded in that neighborhood all day came nearly to Edgehill stayed at Mr. Valing home all night.
  5. I came by Edgehill met the balance of the party at the crossing roads.  Came to Port Royal stayed all night had a little fuss with Mrs. Gibs.
  6. I started from Port Royal in Caroline County and came to Fredericksburg stayed all night.
  7. I started from Fredericksburg early came to Culpeper Court House.  The Yankees attacked our men at the Rappahannock bridge had some very heard shelling.
  8. Sun – They made an advance.  We skirmished with them to Brandy.
  9. We started from near Culpeper  Court House went nearly to Sperisvill turned off to the left stayed all night cold and snowy.
  10. We came back nearly to Culpeper turned towards Orange Court House crossed the Roterson river took up camp.
  11. We remained in camp near the Roberson river.  I was detailed to go foraging and the Yankees turned us back.
  12. We remained in camp.  I wrote a letter to S D. Pool of Petersburg.
  13. We went in Culpeper foraging moved camp seven or eight miles towards Madison Court House.
  14. We moved back to our same old camp at Coronal Tyman.
  15. Sun – We remained in camp had preaching at 10 AM.
  16. We remained in camp.  I wrote two letters on to Mr. S Phillips the other to S D Pool petersburg Va.
  17. We were sent out foraging received orders to return to camp without any.  Started on a march went by Madison Court House stopped at the foot of the Blueridge stayed all night.
  18. We took up a line of march to Cridersville and fed.  Came by Madison Court House and back to our same old camp on Coronal Tyman land.
  19. We remained in camp.  I wrote a letter to E T Pool of Dinwiddie Co.
  20. We remained in camp I was writing nearly all day.
  21. We remained in camp.  I was reading of track nearly all day.
  22. Sun – I stayed in camp on the count my horse being lame.  The rgt put on camp guard.  I wrote two letters to Mr. S P and SS of Russer Co.
  23. I was relieved from camp guard at 10 AM.  The rgt is on picket.
  24. I remained in camp  the rgt is on picket.
  25. I remained in camp.  Rgt is on picket.
  26. Rgt returned from picket.  We started from camp at Coronal Tyman at 8 PM crossed the Rappahannock went nearly to Orange stopped just before day.
  27. We started from near Orange Court House came by the Court House got nearly to Nedersvill turned off and went to Orange Springs stopped at ( PM.
  28. I remained in camp near Orange Springs on Frasiers farm.  The rgt is at Raccoon ford fighting.
  29. Sun – I started from near Orange Spring and went to Orange Court House in camp under Capt. Watkins to protect the place.
  30. I remained in camp at Orange Court House very coal.  The rgt is at Raccoon ford fighting.

December 1863