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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


June 1863

  1. Rgt. remained in camp ready to mount at a moments warning.
  2. Relieved from guard rounds.  Drill on horse back at 8 AM.  I got crossed for missing drill.
  3. Rgt. remained in camp.
  4. We received orders to be ready to mount at 7 AM.  We went on a scout.  Got in with the Yankeys at the springs, Fauquier County.  My squadron made a charge.  Several got sabre cuts.
  5. We went on picket on the Hazle River.
  6. Picketing on the Hazle River.
  7. Relieved from picket.  Started on a march.  Marched to Clarks ford.  Stayed all day.
  8. Remained at Clarks ford until 9 AM.  Marched near Brandy Station.  Had an inspection.  Robert E. Lee present.  Returned to Clarks ford.
  9. Started from Clarks ford at 9 AM.  Marched nearly to Brandy.  Had a fight.  Whipped the Yankees back across the Rappahanock.  Returned to the Hazel River at Clarks ford.
  10. Rgt. remained in camp at Clarks ford.
  11. Remained in camp.  Rgt. inspection.
  12. Rgt. remained in camp.
  13. Rgt. remained in camp at Clarks ford.
  14. Started on a march at 2 PM.  Marched to Gainses Cross roads in Fauquier County.
  15. Remained in camp at Gainses cross roads.
  16. Started on a march at 6 AM.  Marched to Parises Hotel in Rappehannock County, VA.
  17. Started from camp early.  Marched thru Ripperville, Middleburg, Aldia.  Made a charge capture prison at Snickersville Gap.
  18. Started from Snickersville Gap marched to Berryville Clark County, VA.  Stayed all night.
  19. Marched from Berryville to Winchester from there to Strasburg, Woodstock, Edinburg and back to Woodstock.  Stayed all night.
  20. Stayed in Woodstock all day.
  21. Started from Woodstock marched to Strasburg met the prisoners.  Went back to Woodstock, Edinburg.  Camped at Mount Jackson.
  22. On our way to Staunton with prisoners.
  23. On our way to Staunton.
  24. Reached Staunton just at night.
  25. Started from Staunton at 3 PM for Richmond.  Traveled all night.
  26. Reached Richmond at 11 AM with prisoners.
  27. Remained in Richmond all day.
  28. I started from Richmond at 6 AM.  Went thru Ashland, Charlottsville.  Got to Staunton at 5 PM.
  29. Started from Staunton at 7 AM.  Marched thru Mount Sidney to Ryetown.
  30. Met prisoners and was sent back to Staunton.

July 1863