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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


February 1863

  1. Company inspection.  Orders all could go to church under a commission officer.  Several went.  Moderate warm.
  2. Got pass to go out of camp to have my horse shod.  Moderate warm.  Regiment remained in camp.
  3. Snowed until 10 AM cold.
  4. Remained in camp.  Cold.
  5. Remained in camp. Cold.  Snowing very fast part of day.
  6. Remained in camp.  Moderate warm and raining.  Boy came from home.
  7. Remained in camp.  Warm.  Orders came for the condemned horses to be reported to send home.
  8. Company inspection at 10.  Got orders to strike tents and send them away.  Went to preaching at Carmel Church.  Warm.
  9. Started march at 9.  Marched from King William to Chesterfield station in Caroline County.  Distance 20 mi.  Warm.
  10. Marched from Chesterfield Station in Caroline Co. to Waller Hotel in Spottsylvania County.  Distance 20 mi.  Warm.
  11. Left camp early at Waller Hotel Caroline County.  Marched to Orange.  Distance 24 mi.  Snowing then raining cold.
  12. Left camp early in Orange County.  Marched to Culpeper Court House by 3 PM.  Moderate warm.  Nothing for man nor horse to eat.
  13. Remained in camp all day at Culpeper Court House.  Moderate warm.  Went to Court House to get dinner.
  14. Received orders to strike tents at 9 AM.  Marched one mile to go in camp again.  Mild.  I put a chimney to my tent.
  15. Remained in camp.  Regimental inspection.  Mild.  Had orders at 9 AM to cook up four days rations to go on picket.
  16. Remained in camp.  Warm.  Went on picket at 4 on Hazel River.  Got to the post at 8 PM.
  17. On picket commenced snowing at 4 PM.  Just as my relief came I went to the reserve.  Went to sleep.  Waked up next morning the snow was 4 or 5 inches deep on me.
  18. Picketing on the Hazel River.  Raining and freezing all day and night.  Nothing for my horse to eat during the time.
  19. Picketing on the Hazel River.  Relieved at 2PM.  Returned to camp.  Ten mile distance.  Reached camp at 6PM.  Warm snow melting very fast.
  20. Remained in camp all day sewing on my clothes.  Several of the boys went to the theatre at Culpeper Court House gotten up by members of this regiment.  Moderate warm.
  21. Remained in camp.  Warm.  Orders came that we must build a???? for our horses.
  22. Snowing fast all day.  Now 15 inches deep.  Remained in camp.
  23. Remained in camp.  Snow did not melt much.
  24. Received orders at 6 AM to cook up rations for 3 days to march at 8 AM.  Marched from Culpeper Court House crossed at Kellys ford stopped in Fauquir County near the Rappahannock.  Had to rake the snow to sleep.
  25. Very cold.  Started on a march at 8 AM.  Came up with the Yankees at 1 PM.  Made a charge, repulsed them without any loss.  Made a charge again in the evening.  Captured 170.  Two of our men got wounded.
  26. Started from Fauquir crossed the Rappahannock at Kellies Ford, reached camp at Culpepper Court House at 2 PM.  Cold very sloppy.
  27. Remained in camp.
  28. Remained in camp.

March 1863