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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


September 1863

  1. We remained in camp.  We had company drill on foot at 4 PM.  Came off at 5 PM..
  2. We remained in camp.  We saddled up to move camp but did not do so.  Inspection of two Regiments by General Fitz Lee.  Made a charge.
  3. Moved camp two or three miles out on the telegraph road.  One of the boys returned from home.
  4. We remained in camp.  I was put on camp guard at 9 AM.
  5. We remained in camp.  I was releaved from camp guard.  Several of my company was put in the guard house.  Made walk a ???? the first time.
  6. Sun – We remained in camp.  We had preaching in the morning.  Prayer meeting in the evening.
  7. We remained in camp.  One of the boys returned from home.  Drill on foot with sabre.
  8. We remained in camp.  The first squadron went on picket at Fredericksburg.  The sharp shooters started at daybreak.  I was left at camp to take care of the boys horses.
  9. Rgt. remained in camp.  I got a detail to go home started at 4 PM marched 25 miles stapped at 8 PM.
  10. Started on a march at daybreak.  Came by Hanover junction through Richmond got to Petersburg at 11 ½ PM.
  11. I remained in Petersburg called on Miss Jacksons.
  12. I remained in Petersburg until 9 PM.  Got on the train came to Stony Creek went to Mr. Paynes in the morning.
  13. Sun – Started from Stony Creek little after daybreak got home at 9 AM.  Mrs Rose came over in the evening had a good many watermelons and peaches.
  14. I got up by day went Deer hunting jumped up two deer.  Then started home jumped a fawn and caught him live.  I went to the shop on to Mr. Mitchells.
  15. I got up soon went deer hunting got with Hatron Neaves after a Fawn he caught him.  I went to Mr. Mitchells in the evening.
  16. I remained at home the first part of the day.  I rode over to Mr. Wells in the evening.  Came back and went to Mr. Smiths stayed until night.
  17. I went to Mr. Hartwells.  Came by Mrs.Morrasess.  Bishop came by in the evening.
  18. I stayed at home the best part of the day.  Went to Dick Tuckers in the evening.  Mrs. Rose  Miss Mary Bisket Winfield Bisit.
  19. I went over to Mr. Roses soon after breakfast.  Remained at home the balance of the day.  Brother E. T. Pool had a chill.
  20. I started from my home early in the morning.  Got to Petersburg at 11 AM.  Went to Mr. Paynes.  From there to Mr. Jacksons.
  21. I remained in Petersburg went to Mr. Jacksons stayed two three hours.  Bishop brought me a note stating that Brother Edwin was very sick.
  22. I started from Petersburg at 9 AM stopped at Wyoms got dinner.  Got home at 4 PM.  Mr. And Mrs. Frasier came over.
  23. I remained at home in the morning.  Rode over to Mr. Mitchelles in the evening to carry sister.
  24. I rode up to the shop stayed until 1 PM.  Went over to Mr. Mitchells in the evening stayed till night.
  25. I remained at home.
  26. I went deer hunting  Mr. Mitchell killed a fawn.  We lost one.
  27. Sun – I went to preaching at Forage came back and went to Mr. Mitchells from there home.
  28. I went deer hunting jumped two deer.  Two of the boys shoots and missed.  I then went to see to the negroes making of molasses.
  29. I started from home and come to Petersburg went to Mr. Paynes to the concert at night.  It was very poor.
  30. I went to Mr. Jacksons in the morning.  Started from Petersburg at 3 PM.  Got to Druries Bluff at sunset.

October 1863