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Diary of Adolphus Petty Pool

Company D 3rd Virginia Cavalry


January 1863

  1. Marched from Culpeper to Spotsylvania on way to camp in “.
  2. Marched from Spotsylvania to camp near Guinea station.  Eggnog and plenty to eat from home.
  3. Plenty to eat all day.
  4. (No Entry).
  5. (No Entry).
  6. (No Entry).
  7. Regimental inspection by Gen. Lee.
  8. Regimental inspection by Brigadier Genl. Lee – (Sick).
  9. Regimental inspection by Gen. Lee.  (Sick).
  10. Regimental inspection by Major General Lee.  Had to go near Fredericksburg to meet.  Returned to camp at night.  (Sick).
  11. Three of the boys had their horses condemned to go home.  Preacher sold sugar on the Sabbath preaching after.
  12. Marched from near Guinea Station, thru Bowling Green.  Stopped near the Mattaponi River.  Stayed until next morning.
  13. Marched from the Mattaponi.  Stopped near the Pamunkey River to take up camp. King William County.
  14. Company drill on horses at 10, on foot at 3.
  15. Drill at 10 on horseback, on foot at 3.
  16. Drill on foot at 3.  Cold.
  17. Drill at 10 and 3.  Several of the boys got tite after night.  Very cold.
  18. Went to preaching in morning at Mangohick.  Regimental inspection at 4.
  19. Drill on horseback at 10.  On foot at 3.
  20. Drill on horseback at 10. On foot at 4.  Cold.
  21. Hard at work building a chimney to tent.  Cold.
  22. Cold with a little snow.
  23. Regimental inspection.  Cold.
  24. Started march from King William County to Caroline County near Bowling Green stayed all night.  Cold.
  25. Marched from near Bowling Green to Guinea Station.  Stayed all night. Warm.
  26. Marched from Guinea Station through Bowling Green to King William County near Hanover Court House.  Reached Camp at 4.  Warm.
  27. Put on camp guard.  Warm and rainy.  Snowing at night, turned cold.
  28. Camp guard all day.  Cold.  Snow nearly a foot deep.  Stopped in night and cleared off.  It is a day to be remembered by the soldiers.
  29. Moderate warm, very sloppy under foot.  Snow melting fast.  Held an election for orderly.
  30. Snow melting fast sloppy.
  31. Got pass to have my horse shod.  Warm, sloppy.  Had music in camp at night.

February 1863